//Supporting Balochistan

Supporting Balochistan

Hindu Sena waved a Balochistan flag and two Indian tricolours. “We support Balochistan’s struggle for freedom, there have been many cases of human rights violations there and it should stop. Pakistan should free Balochistan,” said Hindu Sena president Vishnu Gupta. But beyond that, he didn’t have anything to say on the issue. With his group, Vishnu Gupta led the protest screaming slogans like ‘Pakistan murdabad’ and `Hindustan zindabad’. The event continued for less than half an hour. Jantar Mantar also was unusually quiet on Wednesday. Gupta said it was Modi’s Independence Day speech which inspired him to hold this protest. “He is the first PM who has been able to speak openly about this matter. We have been taking up the cause of Balochistan since 2011 and now Modiji has talked about it at last. We are happy about it,” Gupta told reporters.

Hindu Sena President Vishnu Gupta seen with Indian and Balochistan flag
In his Red Fort speech, the Prime Minister had said, “I am grateful to the people of Balochistan, Gilgit and Pakistan Occupied Kashmir who have thanked me in the past few days.” Earlier, at an all-party meeting, he had referred to human rights violations in these areas. Gupta said that his Baloch friends in Delhi and Pakistan have also thanked him for holding this demonstration but they could not participate as they were busy with something else. “Pakistan has caused harm to human rights in Balochistan and it has to stop. India has not caused any human rights violation in this country,” he said. When asked about the present situation in Kashmir, he said the Valley and Balochistan are two different cases.” Kashmir has always been ours but Balochistan does not belong to Pakistan.” He said he will also write a letter about this to United Nations.