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Presidential Campaign

Hindu Sena, organised a birthday party for Donald Trump in New Delhi on 14 June. The party took place at the Jantar Mantarmonument and included a colourful birthday cake, as well as posters of the US presidential candidate. According to news agency ANI, the Hindu Sena said that only Trump would be able to save the world from the “epidemic” of Islamic terror. The group issued an open invitation for the celebration, urging people to join in celebrating the 70th birthday of the “savior of humanity“. Hindu Sena’s national president Vishnu Gupta said: “We are celebrating his special day, despite the recent tragedy in Orlando because he is taking a stand against Islamic terror and that is very important to India, as we have been plagued from this kind of terrorism. I pray that he wins with a heavy majority and fulfils his promise of wiping Islamic terror off the face of the earth.” A month before the party, the Hindu Sena organised a “havan” (prayer ritual) to ask the Hindu gods for Trump’s success in the US presidential elections.