//Hindutva without Muslims

Hindutva without Muslims

Vishnu Gupta says, we oppose statement told by Mohan Sigh Bhagwat on ” No Hindutva without Muslims”. If It became possible, then India divided in two nation.

A Hindu Rashtra (nation) does not envision the exclusion of Muslims and the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) has not gone against the Constitution and the law of the land; the organisation’s head Mohan Bhagwat said on Tuesday.

Bhagwat, speaking at the event “Future of Bharat: An RSS perspective” at Vigyan Bhavan here, also said that the Sangh firmly believed in the Indian Constitution and does not take part in politics.

He spent a large part of his over 80-minute speech expounding on the RSS’ adherence to the concept of Hindutva and said unity in diversity, sacrifice, self-control and a spirit of gratitude were defining characteristics of Hindutva.